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New Family member: Buster
Dixie recovering from tendon strain
Shiners Firstlady sidelined with leg injury.
Whizlin Dixie completes her AQHA Superior in Open Ranch Riding at Clemson, SC

Circuit champ in Amateur and Open Ranch horse @ Perry, GA!

Bee Keeping: New side business: Honey
Coastal Pearl: Bronze Trophy in NRHA Novice horse, Perry, GA
2018 Show schedule

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Ride to slide!.... 

Meet our new family member, who just showed up in my garage, half dead and starving, on June 28, 2019!!  His name is Buster and he has made himself at home, with all the horses, dogs and only other cat, Roxy kitty. He is around 7 weeks old, just a bag of bones, weighs only 1.8 lbs, but is eating well, gaining weight and got a clean bill of health from the vet. A nice addition to our menagerie. (oh and only male on the farm!)

4/22/18: A major setback for our matriarch, Lady. She slowly walked to the barn, this afternoon, by using only 3 of her 4 legs. Vet exam was inconclusive, but odds are it's a tear in one of the componets in her left thigh. It's really a heart sinker when you see one of your horses in a condition of being 3 legged. To give her the best care I can, looks like my horse shows will have to go on the back burner, until she is able to be out in the pasture again. For now, she is stall ridden but comfortable.

New endeavor this year, now that I'm retired from the University of Georgia: Bee keeping!  I am taking an extensive bee course from a Master Bee keeper and hopefully I can keep some bee hives alive and thriving long enough to produce some North Georgia honey! Say tuned for details.


On a sad note, my oldest dog, Gracie Lou Freebush, left the farm yesterday, to probably chase a rabbit and never returned. I will guess that she met a territorial big dog and was killed. I never found her body, but she will be missed. She was a very friendly and loving soul and never met a stranger, hence her name, after the main charecter in "Miss Congeniality".

Rest in peace, Gracie Lou!

Meet our new family member, Elsie May
  born 3/26/15

She is a lovely, active border collie from Flo Hix's Molly and Ike. She has already been to her first horse show, and loved every minute of it. Her and Peggy Sue are great  buddies and are a joy to watch play.


6/4/19: Dixie has been semi retired since last year's injury of her mom, Lady. I was planning to show some in 2019 but Dixie acquired a small strain on her right rear tendon, and will not be able to shown till later on this year, or next year. I am still hopeful that we can complete her Amateur Superior in Ranch Riding, to go along with her Open Superior. Maybe some day!!

7/22/17: Good show at Clemson, Dixie completed her Open Superior in Ranch Riding with 2 2nds, a 3rd and a 4th, under the 4 judges, for 5.5 pts. I was proud.

7/24/16: Since I spent my show money on the startup of my bees, I decided to attend 2 shows this year. In May, we attended a GQHA show at Perry and won the Amateur and OPen ranch riding for 6 points. In July, we attended the SCQHA show and again won 2 circuit awards in Amateur reining and Amateur Ranch riding. With 5 second place wins in open ranch riding, Dixie went home with 12 amateur points and 5 open points for a total of 17 points for that show and 23 total points for the 2 shows. This takes her lifetime point total to 125.5 points. Hopefully, next year, we can complete a superior in one of the 3 classes, reining, ranch riding or open ranch riding.

12/8/15: After a lack luster performance at the GQHA Classic last weekend, Dixie still earned enough points to pass the 100 lifetime point total. I am hoping she stays sound for the 2016 year, in our quest for a superior in Ranch Riding.

8/11/15:  It's official, Dixie is the only horse that has qualified for the World show in 3 classes. Amateur and Senior Ranch Riding, and Amateur performance halter mares! I am very proud!

7/25/15:  Dixie finally gets to return to the Yippi Yi Yeah circuit at Clemson, SC. It's a good show with 8 judges in four days. A "well worth the effort", type of show. Dixie performed very well and picked up 7 seconds in 2 and 3 point classes in Amateur and Open Ranch riding. 10.5 pts in open and 9.5 pts in amateur. For posterity, we also went in Amateur reining with 10 head and got fourth. Not bad considering the dirt was lousy and there were some good horses there.

3/27/15: One year after surgery, 6 months of rest and 6 months of rehab and conditioning, Dixie debuted at the Jasmine Jubilee AQHA show in Clemson, SC. The weather was cold and blustery, so not that many folks drove in, but there were plenty of 1 point classes and Dixie did great in the Ranch riding and performed her horsemanship patterns well. She also won both her open and amateur performance halter classes and picked up 4 total halter points. At the end of the show, she had a total of 10.5 points and had 4 All Around amateur awards and 3 circuit awards in horsemanship, open ranch riding and amateur ranch riding. I was very pleased she was able to bounce back and perform as well as she did.

3/20/14: After returning from the Dixie reining show earlier this month, Dixie has not been riding well. I had my wonderful vet, Kim, come out and she quickly declared her left stifle was puffy. After xrays and ultrasound, we decided to take her to the UGA vet school for further testing. Yep, it's confirmed, she has torn her left meniscus and the ligament attached to it. She immediately went into arthoscopic surgery to try to clean up the damage. Prognosis is not that good. With any luck, I may get to ride her in other events other than reining. Otherwise, I will give her lots of time off and probably breed her.


3/10/14: The first Dixie Reining show is in the books and Dixie performed well in the Ladies class with a personal high of 70.5. She plussed her last spin to the left! She picked up a nice jackpotted check for that 2nd place and will continue to be shown at the DRHA shows. We will now start showing her in Novice NP level 1, with Pearl, come the May show.

1/1/14: The results are official, Dixie has won the Dixie Reining Horse Association's 2013 Ladies High Point award and the NRHA Affiliate Reserve Limited Non Pro! This is the third year in a row that I have won Ladies and second for the LNP. Nickie won it in 2011 and 2012. Now the torch has been passed to Dixie.

9/14/13: Dixie accomplished a big goal this weekend at Clemson. On Saturday, she went into 2 halter classes winning both, picking up points and 2 reserve championships. She also showed in Showmanship, trail, western pleasure and western riding, which qualified her, and allowed her to win 2 Amateur All Arounds! This is a big deal in that she gets 2 trophies from the AQHA, the first one is free. The last horse I had do this was her momma, Lady, back in 1999 at the Georgia Quarter Horse Fair show in October. Dixie is also the only horse I've had, to get halter points! Later that Saturday, she finished the night with a big win in Amateur reining. I was proud!

7/28/13: Dixie did better this weekend at Clemson. She got one 1st and 3 seconds in Amateur reining for 2.5 points. I will continue to show her in reining until she finishes her superior. I also think she is even better at Ranch horse pleasure, so we will attempt a superior in that also. Hopefully between Clemson, SC and Perry GA, there should be enough 1 point RHP classes to eventually complete this goal.

7/6/13: Dixie was not quite up on her game in reining and picked up no points by stumbling and breaking a rein in the middle of some fast circles, however, she won several Ranch Horse pleasure classes to claim circuit awards in Amateur and Open RHP at the Clemson, SC show, sponsored by the North Carolina Quarter Horse Assoc. These points in RHP also qualified her for the 2014 Select World show.

5/26/13: Dixie did well at the Dixie Reining show in Perry, GA. She got second in a nice Ladies open reining class on Friday, to pick up a decent paycheck.

3/30/13: Dixie had another great AQHA show at Clemson, SC. The weather was great and the company was great with several good friends in attendance. We also had several 2 pt amateur classes and a 3 pt open reining class. On Friday, Dixie won open ranch horse pleasure and got second behind sister Pearl in amateur RHP. Dixie also got 4th in open reining in a good class of 15 and picked up a half point. On Saturday, Dixie won both open and amateur RHP and also won 3 points in amateur reining, picking up 2 circuit awards, and 17 total AQHA points. She also finished her Open R.O.M.!

3/8/13: Dixie did well at the Dixie Reining horse assoc show in Perry, GA. She picked up a paycheck in both Ladies Open and Limited Non Pro. She scored a 70 on one run and it was nice to see her feeling good and wanting to work, after her 2 years of illness with EPM. I was proud.
See her latest video here: 

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Coastal Pearl
Sire: West Coast Whiz
Dam: Shiners Firstlady
Owner: BeckyAuxier   -    Breeder:  Barbara Auxier Turner

12/8/15: Pearl had a decent year, finishing out the Sept show with over $600, making her lifetime earnings over $2,500. I was proud of her.

5/24/15: Pearl, finally, is no longer a bridesmaid with her novice NP classes. She won both days in the Novice NP horse level 2, and got second in both the NP level 1 classes. Highest take home pay EVER!! Total on all the checks: $674. Paid for the entire show, gas and hookups, with a few buck to spare. She also won the 2014 DRHA High Point in Novice NP level 1. Yeah Pearl!

2/2/15: Pearl started off her show season at the double affiliate NRHA show at Perry, GA, in grand style. She gets a 2nd in Novice horse on Friday and earns a nice paycheck. On Saturday, after 7 hours of Green rider classes, and late into the wee hours of Sunday morning at 1:30 am, Pearl runs a good pattern in the Snowbird Slide Non Pro Derby and places second in the level 2. I was very proud and Pearl pretty much earned enough money to pay for her weekend at the show.

7/6/14: Pearl headed to Clemson, SC for the NCQHA District 1 AQHA show and did well enough to win points in 3 events, including a win in Amateur Performance Halter mares on Sunday. The night before, she won Amateur reining under both judges for a weekend total of 2.5 reining points. She also picked up 3.5 points in Ranch Horse pleasure and completed her Open Register of Merit. She also was circuit award winner in Amateur reining. It was a very productive weekend for our Pearl!

3/10/14: Pearl tried her heart out at the DRHA show last weekend. She gutted up and scored well enough in both of her Novice NP classes to earn almost $200. She got 2nd in both. Not bad considering she was at the vet school last month with a 105* temp!!

8/10/13: Pearl has a good run in the Bill Horn Non Pro Derby on Friday night and picks up her largest paycheck to date!! She places a solid third and gets some nice applause from the large crowd. With that, Pearl has now earned a nice vacation for the rest of the year.

7/28/13: Pearl did well at Clemson this weekend. She got two firsts and a third in Open reining for 4.5 points, got three 1st and three seconds for 4.5 amateur points, finished her ROM, qualified for the 2014 Select World and got the amateur circuit champion.

7/6/13: Pearl showed her heart out at the North Carolina Quater Horse District 1 show, in Clemson, SC. She won the Amateur reining both nights and won the NRHA Non Pro and Limited Non pro classes for a couple of paychecks. She also won the circuit award in Amateur reining, by winning under all the judges. She won a nice headstall for that effort. Pearl also picked up several points in Amateur and Open Ranch Horse pleasure. We were very proud of her.

5/26/13: Pearl had a great show at the DRHA in Perry, GA. She got a paycheck in all three of her classes, Grn horse, Limited Non Pro and a third place in Novice Non Pro 1. She was very consistant and much stronger after her bout with EPM. Looks like she will be heading to the derby in August.

3/30/13: Pearl had a great show at the Clemson, SC Jasmine Jubilee. She won amateur Ranch Horse Pleasure on Friday in a good class of 10 head and picked up 2 points for 2 AQHA World show qualifications. She also placed second behind sister Dixie in Amateur reining on Saturday and picked up 3.5 points, for a total of 5.5 points. I was proud of her.

3/8/13:  Pearl attended her first NRHA show in Perry, GA with Becky aboard. She did well and got a 69 in Limited Non Pro and barely missed getting a paycheck. She showed with grit and we are looking forward to her next show.

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2/18/13:  Nickie has been donated to the University of Georgia's 5X National Equestrian team. I look forward to watching her work with the talented college ladies, in their pursuit for another national title! Goooo Dawgs!

1/10/13 The results are in and for the 2nd time, Nickie has won the High Point Year end Dixie Reining Horse Association Ladies Class. She also won this class for 2011, so I am proud of her. Also, for 2012, Nickie got the reserve affiliate award in Limited Non Pro!

8/9/12 Nickie did well at the DRHA summer sizzler show, scoring a 69 and won the Ladies/Mens reining class, and another paycheck.

3/12/12: The Dixie Reining Horse Association's 2011 Banquet is over and in the Lady's open reining class, the Hi Pt goes to Nickie!! Her first high point in a NRHA affiliate!! She also won the Southeastern affiliate reserve Championship!

See her winning video:
Open  R.O.M.
Amateur R.O.M.
32.0 Amateur Reining Points
11.0 All age (open) Reining Points

2011 Dixie Reining Horse Assoc. Limited Non Pro Bronze Trophy winner!
2008 Dixie Reining Horse Assoc. High Point Limited Non Pro: 4th

2011 AQHA World Select Show reining qualifier
2009 AQHA World Select Show reining qualifier
2008 AQHA World Show Amateur reining qualifier
2008 SCQHA High Point All Age Reining
2008 SCQHA High Point Amateur Reining

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Cashes First Lady

Cassie has returned to the show pen for the Yippi Yi Yeah circuit, and placed right behind Dixie in the Amateur reining on Saturday, getting 2 seconds in a class of 10 head and picking up another 2.0 points, completing her AQHA Amateur Register of Merit.
10 AQHA Amateur reining points.

Amateur ROM

She is   Click on the blinking "For Sale" icon, or click the "For Sale" link, at the top, for details

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Shiners Whiz Kid and Bev King:  2007 Palomino World Champion Open Reining Stakes.

(Click on photo for larger view)

West Coast Whiz X Shiners Firstlady
Bred by Becky Auxier and Barbara Auxier Turner

See his latest video from Tulsa, OK


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Dec 11, 2009
West Coast Whiz was humanely put down Dec 8th due to founder, which was caused by white line disease. He had been struggling with the founder since June, and was improving until the last week. This, sadly, falls on the heels of his daughter, West Coast Mizzen winning the NRHA Non Pro Futurity in Oklahoma City on Dec 4th. Our condolences to all his connections. We will take great pride in riding and showing his daughters, Dixie and Pearl.

West Coast Whiz is now a NRHA Million Dollar Sire!! He is a third generation Million Dollar sire following his sire, Topsail Whiz, and his Grand Sire, Topsail Cody!!

  Dec 23, 2009:  Topsail Whiz (sire of West Coast Whiz) is humanely put down due to a spinal cord problem. He is the leading sire of reining horses, and will be missed.

Meet Peggy Sue, our new family member. She is a copper and white Australian Shepherd, born March 8th.

6/10/12: Gracie Lou and Peggy Sue on the front porch, having a good time!

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8/30/10 (photo at left)  Meet our new family member, Roxy!  She wandered up to the barn this am, from out of the woods. She had been lost for days and was skin and bone. She walked right up to me, purring, and I immediately knew she was homeless and needed help. I took her to the vet for a quick checkup. She weighed only one pound!

9/2/10 (photo at right) She is now healthier with some medicine for her kitten pneumonia, and a few days of food in her. For a kitten of only about 5 weeks old, she has bounced back quickly. She's a lucky kitty to find our farm. She'll get lots of love!!

9/12/10 Roxy is now an official Show cat!! She enjoyed riding in the truck and hanging out in the horse trailer and barns at the Clemson, SC show grounds. She was the highlight attraction, after the day's classes, by doing a new trick of raising her paws in a "touchdown" motion! Everyone loved it!!

10/4/10  Roxy enjoying the "good life" on the couch, and watching the Congress reining futurity, with me, on the computer!!
Wondering about her color? Me too!  I looked it up on the internet. She is a Tortoise Shell calico! (Tortie)


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Fun Farm Photos #1
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SBF show schedule for 2018
(D) Dixie  (P) Pearl

No shows this year, maybe next year.

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