Bee Products from the Sunnybrook Farm Hives

Pure Raw Wildflower 'Sunny" honey
(filtered through a 600 micron filter)
1 quart jars: $20.00 ea
recycle/refill your clean jars: $19.00
1 pint jars: $10.00 ea  recycle/refill your clean jars: $9.00
1/2 pint jars: $5.00 ea  recycle/refill your clean jars: $4.00


Bees wax
(not available at this time)
In 1 lb blocks: $18.00
In 1/2 lb blocks: $9.00

Bees wax Candles (not the petroleum products from your mega store!)
(not available at this time)
Sand candles:

Bowl candles:
Mason Jar candles:
Citronella oil candles
Small accent candles:

Salves  (made with Goldenrod or plantain infused sunflower oil, bees wax and Vitamin E)
additional options: 

Lemongrass Essential oil:

Eucalyptus Essential oil:
Lavender Essential oil:
Peppermint Essential oil:
Tea Tree Essential oil:
**Bliss Blend Essential oil:**

**blend of Sandalwood, Rose, Parchouli, Jasmine,
Litsea, Bergamot, Geranium, and Almond