Part II

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2009: New addition to the Firstlady clan, "Pearl" seen here less than 4 hrs old 1/18/09!  Awwwh, she's a real cutie! Spitting image of her momma!!


3/1/09 Record 1-day total snow for the north Georgia area. 6 inches!! Lady didn't mind, but Pearl was not too excited.


Easter 2009 cookout at the farm: Mom (Betty) relaxes by the campfire. Belle joins her for the Chilli Cheez dawgs and baked beans!


Josie kitty enjoys her cool shady trailer step during the warmer days.

Couldn't get my luggage unpacked fast enough, before she hopped in, to nap!!


June 2009    Dixie and Pearl enjoy a fun, playful, moment with a horsemanship cone, in the riding pen.


Dixie, Pearl, Lady (standing) Cassie and Nickie, take a relaxing nap during a bright sunny day in December 27, 2009


Bringing in the new year and a new decade: For good luck!......
Southern collards and blackeyed peas, cook'n on the woodstove on New Year's Eve 2009!!


Here, in the deep South, we are NOT use to 2 snows in 2 consecutive years!! The Feb 12, 2010, 4" snow was documented below!!!
Out the back porch door, looking east into the woods.       Out on the front porch looking at the barn.           Out at the bird feeder


3/2/10   Well, here we go again!! Another snow here in Georgia!! 3 snows in 366 days is a bit unheard of!! Must be global warming!!


7/28/10:  Dixie and Pearl are enjoying time out on the pasture. Pearl is getting big!  18 months old!

8/30/10   Meet our new family member, Roxy!  She wandered up to the barn, this morning, from out of the woods. She had been lost for days and was just skin and bone. Weighed less than a pound!! She walked right up to me, purring, and I immediately knew she was homeless and needed help. I took her to the vet for a quick checkup.

9/2/10  Roxy is now healthier with some medicines and a few days of food in her. For a kitten of only about 5 weeks old, she has bounced back strong. She's a lucky kitty to find our farm. She'll get lots of love!!

9/12/10 Roxy is now an official Show cat!! She enjoyed riding in the truck and hanging out in the horse trailer and barns at the Clemson, SC show grounds. She was the highlight attraction, after the day's classes, by doing a new trick of raising her paws in a "touchdown" motion! Everyone loved it!!

10/4/10  Roxy enjoying the "good life" on the couch, and watching the Congress reining futurity on the computer!!


Oh my God!!  Another SNOW!!  Third one THIS year!!!  Here it is, snowing on Christmas day and the morning after!


5/12/12:  Mother's day at Arbor Terrace. First a class in painting with acrylics, and then lunch with everyone in the dining room.


5/19/12: Pearl makes her Dixie Reining Horse Association debut. In the Green Horse class, under the guidance of Wendy Gray, she wins and picks up her first paycheck. Way to go Wendy and Pearl.


6/4/12  Meet our new family member, Peggy Sue. She is a Copper and White Australian Sheppard.

6/10/12: Gracie Lou and Peggy Sue on the front porch, having a good time!

9/8/12: Pearl is shown for the first time by Becky at the Clemson AQHA show, and placed 3rd.
Becky and Pearl putting down a nice stop at home.

10/28/12: Lady and Babs walking around the riding pen. Lady is still going strong after colic surgery in January.

to see more current photos, click link: Farm photos III