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  Summertime  2003:  Becky and Miss June, running large fast circles on the reining track, at the new farm facilities in Winterville, GA


Becky and Miss June finishing up the ride, ...it's "Miller Time".

  2007: After all that birth'n,  I need a nap!!  Whew!!

I agree, big sis!  I'm tuckered out!

  Belle and fat Josey Kitty in front of the toasty wood stove on a cold winter's  day.



Betty  (Becky and Barbara's mom)  chill'n  out on the couch.

Becky,  Belle and Gracie Lou
  Cowboy cook'n   over  a wood fire with dutch ovens...yum!
..The  menu:  (check out the Recipes)
  Smoked pork butt w/12 spice dry rub
  Collard greens with onions &  poblano peppers,
  Homemade peach pie (yes, cooked IN the dutch oven!)


In Memoriam:

Betty Wright Rohrer (our mom)
Sept 2, 1926 - Sept 17, 2013
What a supportive, caring parent! She always loved us uncondionally. It was so wonderful to have her and Dick drive down for all my horse shows! They would box up tons of food and drinks to share with everyone at these shows, and everyone loved both of them. I am sad she is gone, but so happy to have had her as my mother! ....Thanks Mom!!!

Dick Rohrer (stepdad)
4/18/1921 - 12/2/2008
Will be missed at my horse shows. Mom and Dick drove to Georgia from Tennessee, for over 15 yrs, to attend and spectate the Georgia Quarter Horse Association horse shows. From Wills Park in Alpharetta, GA to Perry, GA, to Gainesville, GA to the International Horse park in Conyers, GA, they were there to watch me and enjoy the company of all the other members of the GQHA. Thanks for the great memories, Dick!!

Molly:  1985-2000
A good dog and great friend!!

Belle:  2002-2011
Most loving , compasionate friend!

Gracie Lou Freebush: 2004-2014
Most Congenial and loving friend!

  Josey Kitty: 2002 (?) -3/20/2016
  Wonderful, loving cat and great mouser!

Back to regular programing!!

  Barbara's 51st birthday party!!  (2006)
  Sporting the "Queen for the day" tiara!!


Josey kitty:  Professional pest controller

Not too thrilled about her photo being taken!!

2007 has been a bad drought year.   Lack of rain has left  us with not much grass or hay!!

Total June rainfall for our area:  0.30 inches!  August was  only 0.6 inches!!

2007: All the gang, hanging out in the main pasture.
  From left to right:
  Nickie, Cassie, Miss June, Lady and little Dixie.

  Lazy summer days, 2007.  The youngsters take a noon nap, while the older mares  chill in the shade of a white oak tree.


2007: The "Firstlady" clan, outside, mowing the front lawn.
Lady  is next to the fence,  Cassie  is behind the Crepe Myrtle and  Lil Dixie is napping in the landscaping!  Lady and Cassie are daughters  of AQHA Hi Pt Reining horse:  SF Kings  Firstlady.  Lil  Dixie is her grand daughter.


2011: 4 years later, Dixie has her AQHA ROM and 3 World show qualifications.


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