Sunnybrook Farm Bees

We will be starting up a couple of hives in 2016, to see if they can produce good quality honey in 2017 and beyond.
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3/15/16:  First two hives being prepped and ready to paint.  

5/23/16: After a successful month, I now have 4 hives. The two original nucs I bought 4/23/16, and third, a wild swarm I caught in a swarm trap in a poplar tree, and forth, a split of one of the nuc hives with an unhatched queen cell.

6/12/16:  One tester frame has been harvested from the largest hive and I will leave the rest for the bees to live on this winter. Looks like this shallow frame has 3lbs of comb wax and honey. Hopefully, my hives will make more of this liquid gold next summer.

Stay tuned for more updates